How To Add Stylish Font On Your Android Mobile In WhatsApp Facebook 2020

Write stylish text in whatsapp

Write stylish text in whatsapp facebook instagram twitter and other  else app easily .

Wherever you are, you want to write any tax, you can write some rhythm in this way without opening any app.

Styles popup
You can use and write stylish text like floating bubbles like a bar and select text from anywhere to select in the menu option Every time without opening the app anywhere and Every time .

Input option
If you write any track, you can change it in any way with a small random reverse phone in the capital small letter.

Favorite style
You can marriage the list according to your style.Every time you open this application to floating bar A text selection menu option, mobile can be amazing.

Style editor
You can create a new style as per your choice, you can re-edit your edit text ladder. Include emoji and change someone else for others  words.
Now you can replace the letter with any other letter in the middle of the spacing between words

Theme and color
Midnight Blue and Pure Black can also apply themes, apart from this, there are gold multifold applications which are in front of the user, you can print the colors of your choice.

Symbol picker
You can select thousands of special Unicode symbols from this collection.
Because its has of special Unicode symbols For greetings and nick names.

Quick action
If you write any stylish text, you can use it later And you can swipe it left and right after swipe it you can swipe it right, edit it in simple to stylish text.And you can copy it instantly or swipe it.

Block application
You can block applications like you don't want to use stylish text floating about bubbles and floating, you can also close them.

Art styles including
Blue Double struct,Script Normal and Bold
,Fracture normal and bold,Sense Monu and Normal and Bold and Match Bold Italic And bold italic ,Squad mail circle dotsquares small cap monospace upside-down and mirror bracket square brackets flash double flash light to double decker dot updown script superscript subscript and many  more have in this app.

Let's open the App
You open the text on your mobile phone And start writing it beautifully like a bio as per your choice.You can write a tweet in bold ,italic style And you can highlight text on your timeline.
You can be very good, write a beautiful greeting and can be very surprised to hear your friends on their special days like Birthday Anniversary and Manny More on their birthday. You can also chat with fancy text by going in a group and can make it with a beauty to get the attention of the people. And you can make many unique names, make games to be famous and get fame from them.

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