How To Make Your Name 3D Animation Video On Your Android Mobile In 2020

Create Shoot Magic Video from Photos with Amazing The effects

Create magic video ,Lively picture ,Video maker ,With the help of funny application, you can help create magical videos with the effect of photos and magic.

Main features

*You can set up a photo from your gallery that you want to edit as per your wish, or you want to cut it rotate right or left as you wish.
*You can add a magic  effects of your choice in the photo like ,Like fire ,Magic effect rain effect Snow effect and heart effects.
*You can add musical effects in the background of the your videos.
*You can make the highest quality videos And share them to friends .
*With photo animation You can add the slide  time and Magic power theme  in your  videos .

Super Power Effect Video Maker

*Photo Animation app from your mobile Create Slideshow And With them you can add Animated Magic power theme and magic power effects in slide .
Create beautiful magic power effects photo slide show with beautiful songs And share  with  your friends and
Family .

In Super Power Photo Slideshow You can make beautiful Photo arrangement Interesting music Beautiful Photo Slideshow .

Several steps for How to Make Video with Describe here.

*Select many photos as per your choice and Photo slide  animation theme as per your choice add music at the last
With the super power effects photo animation with music is ready .

*A feature of super power effect video maker

Take photos of your choice with me from your photo album .
You can arrange every photo one by one very easily.
*You can select  different photo animations slide  like Rectangle Triangle Diamond Circle and More .
*You can select magic power animated theme or Magic power animated effects and You can add slideshow video and music .In these you can select Music in from your SD card .
*If you want to create high quality videos videos photos then you can add your photos and music .
*You can make videos  with your picture on your mobile or device instantly, you can make the video according to your wish Set the timer of Video creations .
*You can save your video in your phone or Sew tube light show gallery app on your phone storage .
*No you can play your videos in default app player .

Super Power Effect Video Maker
When you are bored You can and you want to share Your photos with friends and family Want to see the beautiful pictures of your choice .
And then this is the perfect app for you .

*Download Super Power Effect Video Maker
Photo animation app download .
Make Your Photos in Beautiful Way Like Music Beautiful Music Slideshow Entry with Family and  friends  In UK news game for best occasions  in your life .
Is like this app Dhan download it and give rate and review for Further  updates.
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