WhatsApp New Hidden And Secret Tips And Tricks That Blow Your Mind 2020

First App ( Unseen )

You can hide your last scene and Unseen you read messages , reading them without getting blue ticks.
That means you can hide your last online status.
You came online and hid the double tick, even you read your friends' promises, that is, you do not want to answer them, you can read them with great wisdom and they will not even know that they youhave read their  messages.
You do not want to reply to messages, but if you want to read, then you can read Ram in them and the capital will remain intact, your last will not sleep even online, we will not even know if you will read the message.

Your last online U can hide it.Now you can hide in the last seen sight for WhatsApp and hide online for a long time, ie no one will know that you have been online, you have to use such an app and read Messenger messages and  Animal cannot know that you have been online and you have not had their messages.
Using this app, no one will decide that you have read their messages without having to read the messenger message and read the message of WhatsApp messenger.
Because the other person does not see any double tick or any blue color mark So he thinks he doesn't know if the next guy is online or hasn't seen his chat so he doesn't know at all.


2nd App ( Recover Deleted Message )

View deleted whatsapp messages
Whats Delete is an app recovering WhatsApp's delete messages that Android users use.How can you read on WhatsApp without revealing the deleted messages on WhatsApp and without revealing the bluetooth mark?
That is, now you can read the Delete Sudha Paagam thing with a big Ram while doing this f & s that your friend sent you a message and deleted it, but you can read it and will easily explain your messages to you.
Because friend send you some message on WhatsApp but later delete them, then you do not understand that the message is forgiven, many of these votes may be very important, so their work will recover you again.
You can recover all deleted messages of WhatsApp using this WhatsApp Delete app. That there is no such message from this app, which from your point of view is WhatsApp.

Want to see any deleted messages on WhatsApp that someone has sent on WhatsApp and have been deleted by doing some goodness of WhatsApp, just download this app called Whats Delete WhatsApp app. And whatsapp can give deleted messages with big ram, any message or media file is deleted from you or any picture is deleted, any voice message is deleted, then it is recovered with very ease.
to read to see it in the future.


WhatsApp Data Checker Link Aur App:-

Whatscan for WhatsApp is a great application to use WhatsApp on mobile phones, etc. 
We call you  welcome  on Whatscan is WhatsApp web This is the app is very easy and fastest app .With the help of this web app With its help, you can use the same WhatsApp on two  smartphones or tablets, that is also free .Before Annie, it used to happen that there is a WhatsApp, it used to run on the same mobile phone, you could use me on a mobile phone, but now you can have a WhatsApp on two mobile phones, it is on two tablets. 
The account you use on WhatsApp and use on top of mobile or on a tablet now you can use the same account on Whatscan app very easily. 

*And you can have two What scan accounts on a mobile .

*Through Whatscan you can send your Pictures friends to relatives or send a video to everyone or Video messages.

*And you can do the same with your friends or relative .

*WhatsApp is also for Messenger and for chatting .

Whatscan for whatsapp allows you Two accounts run in a single device.
That is, you can use two WhatsApp through one mobile. 
It totally depends on you how you use it. 

What can drive in whatsapp  ,Made whatsapp a lot better You can do QR code with very fast  ,Super duper QR code Reader and scanner status saver .That is, after scanning your QR code, anyone can do it, which you can use directly later. Such as Scanner Code Reader Status Saver Whats Direct QR Scanner's Specification .

Whatscan app and whatsapp These are the two top rated dual chat apps. 
And it is very easy to use and very good app .You can save status by direct chat 
Whatscan for whatsapp This is very simple and easy to use ۔

Manage Your Account smartly

All you need is to open WhatsApp account Scan whatscan app with qr code from other apps and you are ready to use the dual chat feature ۔
Whats Scan Web is a very helpful app for your WhatsClone app ۔

Hey whatsapp you have an account where all your contacts are saved.
But here you have to use two phones, one for working and the other for personal use. 

But you do not need two phones and two accounts through Whatscan's WhatsApp ۔
You can create two accounts in a single phone. Previously, you needed two SIMs of two accounts for two phones but now you can create two accounts on one phone. 

That is, through this app, you can use two WhatsApp on one phone and the other by scanning WhatsApp And you can add in what can web.

Download App

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